The New Forest
The only way out is up
Let go of your boundaries
Welcome the fuzzy edges
Welcome the stars in her eyes

Shine in your time
Shine in the blue sky of your daydreams
It will happen again

The dragon's wings unfurled
Let it go
You are more than you seem
and less than nothing
until you give it away

The world will live
The world will die
The world will change 

This strange time will pass
and the night creatures
and the day creatures
and the creatures of the mist
will rise again in new forms
will rise again in Gaia's eyes
Cities will rise and then fall
And we will once again worship in the dark groves
and light the fire of life and mind
and give our hearts to the goddess

The new heavens and the new earth
and still the brown man
and the green woman
will take their place
in the sacred circle underneath the stars

Welcome mouse brother
Welcome tree sister
Welcome child of 6 legs and wings
be one
be many
be altogether
in the eye of the goddess

Children of Voltaire
Children of Rousseau
dance together in the circle of dawn
The city will be born again
The wilderness will never die

A tree falls in the forest
A new spirit is born to the child of man
The forest children will arise
and the roots of man 
will knit together in the new forest
The new children

The children of the stars will fly to the stars
and only we will remain
In dark forests
In bright stone
In Gaia's green embrace

i have given my heart to the future I will never see
and the past I will never see again
As I descend into the dark tunnel
Only my belief in the light at the end
Shall sustain me