Do we accept contributions?

Yes, we accept contributions, but we are not your typical charity at this point. First, we have no nonprofit status. This will be in the works, as soon as we can afford the fees. But not yet.

Second, we do not accept credit cards. We have discussed this option, since it would make contributing over the internet that much easier, but have our misgivings. We will keep you apprised of our thinking on this subject.

This leaves one way to contribute, snail mail. Send your check, money order or cash to:

Griffin's Forge
3013 SE Waverleigh Blvd #5
Portland, OR 97202

What will we do with the money?

First it will help to pay for supplies and for internet service. After that, it will pay for our time to support this site and for trips to the legislature, educational field trips, brochures, etc. I can guarantee that every penny will go to make this earth a better place, but that may mean buying spaghetti, tofu or rice to eat, or a bus ticket, things that will make it possible for me to spend my time on this project, rather than working for someone else.

Thanks in advance,
Michael Westwind