Why we are (still) here.

Mother Nature could get rid of us in an instant. A strategically placed disease and we would be as the Dodo, the Passenger Pigeon, or the Wooly Mammoth. That we are not gone, yet, is because she values our dumpy destructive selves, and why? for our capacity to dream.

Mark Twain said we are the only Animal which prays, or needs to.

It is the poignancy of our prayers, our dreams, our visions, which gives us the wings to fly to heaven, or to descend into hell.. We can look at a distant star and imagine, somehow, that we are there.

It is commonly said that we cannot understand a black person, a handicapped person, a woman, anyone, without being that person, without having gone through all the hurts, the joys, the unknown experiences, and perhaps in an ultimate sense that is true. But we try, we constantly try, and we succeed far better than we have any right to expect. It is for this capacity we are valued: to dream, to love, to reach beyond ourselves into the heart of a stranger, or the mind of God.

Michael Westwind
February 1998