The art emerging from Two Hands Studio is a unique blend of artistic vision and environmental conscience. Working with salvaged wood and found objects, I follow the materials -and a quirky muse- to create finely crafted art that fosters connection to the wilderness and supports urban wildlife.

The wilderness once provided a myriad of cavities and crevices for birds to make their homes, however current forestry practices, combined with the steady march of developments into wild places, has reduced the number of adequate nesting sites, leaving already struggling bird populations with few options.

These pressures drove Bluebirds to the brink of extinction not very long ago, individuals across the country responded by organizing projects to replace lost habitat with Bluebird boxes that approximate natural cavities found in trees. Their tireless efforts have paid off and the Bluebird population is rebounding.

There are many other bird populations that depend on nest cavities, each with their own specific housing requirements. It is my hope that by increasing the number of suitable homes, urban wildlife will be able to adapt to the changing landscape. Each of my bird houses is made with Audubon Standards in mind, using high quality reclaimed wood and non toxic water based stains and sealers. A percentage of each sale is donated to Audubon Society of Portland. In the end, these shelters are small prayers for a better world.