Not your garden variety garden art, each of these bird houses is individually hand crafted from reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

No two are ever exactly alike, but each house is crafted with care and attention to Audubon specifications. Our design features include space for ventilation along the roof line, to avoid overheated hachlings, and a space for drainage in the floor. All of the houses have hinged doors for sping cleaning, and each one is signed and dated by the artist.

We use high quality, reclaimed wood gathered from furniture makers and Taekwon-Do studios. The rich hues are achieved through a unique process utilizing multiple layers of non-toxic water based stains and sealers. Each house takes approximately a week to complete, prices range from $40 ~ $80, with a portion of each sale donated to the Audubon Society of Portland.


All photos by Kyr Westwind
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