Welcome to Two Hands Studio

The art emerging from Two Hands Studio is a unique blend of artistic vision and environmental conscience. Working with salvaged wood and found objects, I follow the materials -and a quirky muse- to create finely crafted art that fosters connection to the wilderness and supports urban wildlife.

Not your garden variety garden art, each piece is individually hand crafted from reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

My bird houses are created with Audubon standards and environment in mind, and inspired by the abundant diversity which surround us. Each birdhouse is solidly built, hand painted, signed and dated. Each of the designs has been field tested through four seasons of elements in the Pacific Northwest. All finishes are non-toxic and waterbased. Each birdhouse features drainage openings, air vents, and an access door for cleaning. All of that is important for the birds, but of course it is the unique artistic nature of the homes that attract us humans.

Summer finds us gearing up to take our show on the road to a number of art fairs around the Northwest. We are also very excited to have our bird houses and hummingbird feeders at Mirador Community Store, 2106 SE Division in Portland. This jewel of a store has always been a delightful place to find unique and wonderful treasures for home and harth, and now it's a great place to get habitat enhancements from Two Hands Studio as well. Stop in, if your in the area, you'll be glad you did.

If you have questions, comments, would like to take one home, or would like to visit the studio, send me an Email.

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