How You Can Help!

The first way to help is to recognize that it can be done. We think of this world as a firm and unforgiving place, full of harsh realities, but most of what we experience is actually a product of our own thoughts. We believe in automobiles and malls and the power of lawyers and diplomats, and in the power of money. But most of these things stem from the power our own minds give them. Money, political power, laws, and corporations are all figments of the imagination, and can be overturned and vanish in the blink of an eye, once we change our minds. Consider the recent fall of the Enron Corporation. Its power stemmed from our belief in its solvency. Its fall came from a sudden change in perception which, feeding on itself, was all-consuming and unstoppable.

The second is to recognize that there are others already in the battle with you. Not only are there other people who think like you, but the trees and stones and other creatures of the earth are with you in their thoughts. We spend too much of our time thinking only of other humans, and fail to see the wide world with its many eyes and many thoughts.

The third is something I call "building a forest in the hearts of men". A forest appears to be many individual trees, each with its separate trunk and leafy crown, but the roots are in fact, not only intertwined, but interconnected, sharing sap and nutrients in the invisible world beneath our feet. We, too, are interconnected in the invisible world, behind our conscious thoughts. Recognize, that by your thoughts, you affect not only the people you talk to, but everyone else as well, as they are affecting you.

a few things to do
  1. Watch your buying habits
  2. Find positive ways to encourage others to reform their habits
  3. Join local groups to watch for pollution problems, keep an eye on the local authorities.
  4. Send stories, links, newspaper clippings about people doing things to make the earth or human society a better place.
  5. Send money (no, really)